Building supervision for yachts and ships

You have decided to have a yacht, a boat or a sloop built. Often it is already clear what the ship should look like, but a lot has to be arranged before the vessel is in a shiny and well-lit port.

De beste bouwbegeleiding voor boten en jachten door
Waar moet u op letten bij bouwbegeleiding van een boot of jacht

What needs to be arranged? You will:

  • have to find a yard.
  • must prepare a package of wishes and requirements.
  • determine the type and brand of engine.
  • must find the right suppliers of all parts.
  • Of course you will have to discuss the costs.
  • The contract will have to be written in a building specification so that you do not get into a disagreement after completion.

And then during construction you will have to regularly check whether the assignment is being carried out as agreed.

In short: there is quite a bit involved!

Supervision construction of a boat

It is advisable, and a lot clearer for you, to have the construction of a boat supervised by an experienced yacht expert. Hendrik Jan Musch is such an expert.

Because optimum work is required for these activities, Hendrik Jan offers you to first get to know him, his method and what he can do for you. This orientation interview, which lasts a maximum of 2 hours, is at the expense of Hendrik Jan and will therefore not be charged. Not even when you decide to refrain from further cooperation.

Jachtexpert HJ Musch is HISWA Qualified Yacht Surveyor
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