Engine inspection and oil analysis

When you purchase a boat or a yacht, you naturally want to know how the powertrain is doing. But even if the vessel has been in your possession for a longer time, it may be necessary to have the propulsion properly assessed. For example, because the warranty period ends.

For such a check, you are at the right place at Hendrik Jan Musch. Having the engine inspected by an independent expert gives you the certainty that no other interests are involved than just yours.

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The state of the engine is determined on the basis of the inspection. Should the engine be replaced in its entirety if necessary, or is repair sufficient. The inspection report also offers a nice guide when making agreements with the company that will carry out the repair or replacement.

If you wish, Hendrik Jan can inform the relevant company about the necessary work and ensure that it is carried out correctly. This offers you the guarantee that the drive of your ship will be safely and reliably arranged, without incurring unnecessary costs.

Engine oil analysis

The Marcheck engine oil analysis is a useful and important part of the engine inspection. This oil analysis offers the advantage that it is possible to look into the engine and / or the gearbox without having to dismantle anything. That saves time and money!

Olieanalyse door Jachtexpert.nl