How does a mediation process work?

The mediator initiates communication between the various parties, supervises the discussions and monitors the consultation process. He or she is not guiding in the sense of coming up with solutions or giving advice. The parties do that themselves. Solutions that have been found themselves usually work better than solutions that are suggested by someone else.

At the end of the mediation process, the mediator records the solutions that have been reached in a “settlement agreement”.

Jachtexpert HJ Musch is International ADR Mediator
H J Musch van Jachtexpert is International ADR geregistreerd mediator

Mediation results

Research shows that mediation is the most effective and quickest way to resolve a conflict. That is why more and more people are opting for mediation if they are caught up in a conflict. With mediation, the parties save money, time and stress.

Maritime Mediation

The maritime world has its own language and mores. The maritime mediator is at the center of this world and has earned its spurs in it. He or she knows the “do’s & don’ts” of the sector, and knows in detail what is going on. With a maritime mediator, parties with a conflict bring a powerful and effective conflict mediator on board. Hendrik Jan Musch is such a maritime mediator.

The vision of Hendrik Jan Musch

Hendrik Jan sees opportunities and opportunities in mediation to:

  1. get into conversation again;
  2. look for effective solutions together;
  3. “Enlarge the cake” instead of distributing.

Are you looking for a mediator or an expert with extensive expertise in the field of yachts, shipbuilding and engine technology?

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