Value appraisal of a yacht

The correct valuation of a boat can be important for countless reasons. One of these reasons is the purchase. No matter how good the ship you have in mind may seem, you don’t want to be a thief of your own wallet. Another important reason can also be the value to be insured. Thanks to thorough knowledge of the current market, an independent expert can advise you well on the current market value of the vessel and assist you with boat valuation.

The same applies to the sale. Your yacht can still be so well maintained, an asking price that is too high deters potential customers. If you ask a price that is too low, you will miss out on money.

Laat een waardetaxatie van uw boot uitvoeren door Jachtexpert
een goede waardetaxatie van uw boot door jachtexpert

Other reasons for a value assessment are: insurance, family matters, taxes, an estate and the mortgage. This requires various types of valuation. For example, consider:

  • Sales value
  • Current value
  • Rebuild value
  • Execution value
  • Insured value

Hendrik Jan Musch is the designated person to assist you with the valuation of your ship due to his years of experience. Contact us for more information.

More information about a valuation of your boat

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