Different types of inspections for yachts, sailboats and ships

To be sure that your promotions are based on truth from your seller’s purchase, it is wise to call in a shipping expert. Hendrik Jan Musch is such an expert.

Hendrik Jan carries out a suitable purchase inspection in consultation, which gives you the assurance that the intended purchase is actually the right one for you.

Jachtexpert.nl offers you various purchase inspections

  1. Complete purchase inspection
  2. Inspection on the land
  3. Inspection in the water
  4. Engine and driveline inspection
  5. Visual first impression
  6. Digital first impression

Jachtexpert Hendrik Jan Musch

Hendrik Jan Musch van Jachtexpert.nl Bootkeuringen HISWA gecertificeerd
Foto van complete aankoopkeuring door Jachtexpert.nl

The complete purchase inspection

This is a very extensive purchase inspection, and assesses everything that can be assessed on a boat. If you wish, Hendrik Jan will also take the internal state of the engine with you, for example by means of a lubricating oil analysis.

The inspection of a yacht on land

This is the complete purchase inspection, with the exception of a test run and the motor inspection.

The advantage of this purchase inspection is that the underwater ship can be assessed. This boat inspection can possibly be combined with a lubricant oil analysis, skin thickness measurement or osmosis test.

Keuring van boot op het vaste land
Bootkeuring van schip in het water

The inspection of a yacht in the water

This is the complete purchase inspection, with the exception of the underwater ship, skin thickness measurement or osmosis examination.

However, the drive and control are tested. This ship inspection can also be combined with a test run.

Engine and driveline inspection, or another partial inspection

Hendrik Jan Musch takes a specific part of the ship under the microscope. This inspection can be expanded with a lubricating oil analysis.

motorkeuring, smeerolieanalyse of deelkeuring door jachtexpert.nl
Een visuele eerste indruk door jachtexpert.nl

The visual first impression

This first impression can possibly be combined with a test run, so that you know how the vessel behaves on the water.

The fast digital first impression

This is a general impression based on the digital data.

A so-called “first impression”. This can usually be realized within 1 day after the application.

snelle digitale eerste indruk door jachtexpert.nl

Use our expertise for your purchase inspection!

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Whether you want a digital first impression or a complete purchase inspection, with our expertise you are always one step closer to purchasing your new boat or ship.