Engine inspection and oil Analysis

When you buy a yacht, it is important to know how the messenger rope is doing. But even if the yacht already in possession it may be necessary to thoroughly asses the propulsion. Think about the expiry of the warranty period.
By having this examination done by an independent engine expert you can be sure that no other interests are at play than your own.

Engine inspection by independent expert

On the basis of this inspection it can be determined whether it needs a repair or replacement. The survey report can help in making arrangements with the contractors. We can also inform the contractor about the repair work that has to be performed, and ensure that it is done in a proper manner. So everything is fixed safe and reliable and done without replacing things that were not needed.

Engine oil analysis

A meaningful and important part of MOTOR INSPECTION is the Marcheck engine oil analysis.
This allows us, to see "IN" the engine and gearbox without having to disassemble anything!
This engine oil analysis can also occur without a full engine inspection, please visit this website Marcheck for more information. www.marcheck.nl

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Jachtexpert Ing. H.J. Musch inspecteert olie van jacht

Engine oil analysis is a very important part of an engine inspection